Shaun of the Dead  here to rescue you

Friendly Mod Reminder

Just reminding all of our members that we are working on new layouts and hopefully they'll be posted soon. <3

Also, don't forget to check out Free-Stylin.Com. It has all of our layouts there and in categories for easy browsing. Please register with your LiveJournal name, and if for some reason it will not fit or you can't register with it, just put your LJ name in your info on the web site. =)

Have a great Mothers' Day Weekend, everybody!
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Shaun of the Dead  here to rescue you

*Cross Your Fingers*

I think am pretty sure all of my layouts have been edited in the posts and are available for download again. <3

If you find one that isn't corrected, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE post a comment in the layout so I can go and correct it.

Thanks, guys.


P.S. I had NO idea I had made so many layouts, either. It took about an hour and a half to edit all of the memories. >.


The downloads never work for me so if someone could supply the Avril Lavigne and Kill Bill layout info by posting a comment in my journal I would be grateful


Hey! I joined this community a few days ago and I used some the codings and had put them together. I hope thats allowed cuz they said as long as we dont touch the images or its either we raplace the image with our own. If I am wrong Im a sorry. But anyways I made my own picture and its 1024x768. Just like the other pic sizes here. Well, i had uploaded it in photobucket and everytime I put it on my overrides it looks so small. Click my icon so you can see how the pic turned out. Should I chnage the sizing? It seems to be fine in Adobe photoshop. Please help.
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Hi, I am newbie. I tried reading the tutorial and i wanted the Used layout. Well after i did everything. My livejournal would not load, it would end up not responding, and it was just a blank screen. I couldn't even sign in anything. I had to get a friend of mine to try her computer and somehow she switched back for me. She said it might of been the overrides seemed messed up, but i just copied everything. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem for this layout, or how to fix it. thanks


Hi I am a new user and i read the rules. But when i click on a layout entry it says that i am no authorized to look at it. Help please!

HELP!!!!! again

Okay i have No clue why my shit isnt working, but i keep trying to put a layout on it and the page just end up black with some black spaces and crap like that, if someone could PLEASE help me out and maybe go on my name and put it on for me, i would REALLY REALLY be greatfull

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skin deep

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Hello everyone!

I just joined. I still have to re-read through the rules before I look through the layouts ((to make sure I understand and abide them)).

One question though, how can I put your banner/button on my user info page if I don't have access to my own internet space to store it to?

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