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Welcome to free_stylin! A community that offers layouts for the free and not so free LiveJournal user.



1. Please do not claim the layouts as your own if asked. They're more than welcome to join the community and get a layout of their own.

2. Please place one of our FABULOUS buttons that we're providing in your user info to direct others to our community. Again, we're all about sharing the layouts. ;)

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3. If you want to alter the code, that's fine, we understand not being 100% satisfied with a color, table width, cursor, or whatnot, but please do not alter the images. That's a must. We've spent quite some time getting them just right, and we ask that you respect our time.

4. While we KNOW that we can't FORCE you to follow the rules, it would be grand if you did. Don't dash our dreams and be a party pooper. We're only trying to help your free journals be the best they can be.

5.Read before downloading. We will not be responsible for you screwing up your current layout because you did not read. We have made it SUPER SIMPLE for you to put our layouts together so we ask that you READ EVERYTHING.

6. No promoting other communites in the journal. We want to keep this journal as clutter free as possible. Please feel free to post questions. =)

7. We will not take requests in our personal journals.

1. I joined the community.. WHERE ARE THE LAYOUTS?!?!?!?!?
To view all of the layouts available, they are all listed in the M E M O R I E S of free_stylin.

2. I joined the community but I can't see any of the layouts. What's wrong?
Well, sometimes LiveJournal can take up to a day to recognize you as a new member of the community. Give it some time and recheck the memories.

3. Can I alter the image to make it more like "me"?
No. The images are to stay untouched. You can REPLACE the image and tweak the coding, but all credit must stay in tact to the community.

4. Would you make me a layout?
No. We do not take personal requests. When we catch up on the suggestions already made, we will open up the community to suggestions again.

5. Are you really as cool as you guys seem to be?
Yes and then some. (Just checking to see if you're reading the user info!)

6. Can I tell my friends about the community?
Yes! We encourage everyone to join. =p

7. I've installed the layout but I can't see the background image. What's wrong?
If you look inside the text of the layout override, you should see the following, or something VERY similar:
YOU MUST UPLOAD ALL IMAGES INCLUDED IN THE ZIP TO YOUR OWN SERVER AND REPLACE THE WRONG INFO WITH THE CORRECT INFO.This is THE most asked question. After you upload the image to your server, replace the wrong image addy, everything should be working fine.

8. The background image 'doesn't fit'. What's wrong? What's resolution?
Almost all of our layouts are designed for the 1024x768 screen resolution, unless otherwise specified (we have very few 800x600 layouts). To make sure you are operating at the correct resolution, go to desktop properties. Click on the SETTINGS tab to the far right. Your screen area slide rule SHOULD be set at 1024x768. If it is set to 800x600, slide the rule to 1024x768. Click apply, then ok. Everything should look fine now.

9. How do I contact you guys?
Neither of us are huge fans of AIM, but you are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail.
You can contact jentopia at jentopia@gmail.com and houseofasher at houseofasher@yahoo.com.

Anne Geddes Images Copyright of Anne Geddes

Jessica's Pin-Ups

Lissa Explains it All

Override Help - For Specific Override Help
- Some ultra cool and hip artwork.

Brushes and Other Various Resources May Have Been Provided by the Following LOVELY People:
braggadocio_org + red_tavern + teh_indy + spiffydaze + scarsonchest

Squidfingers for some BEAUTIFUL background patterns.

The Designer's Lunchbox - Lots of BG Patterns

brokenicon for a set of PSP polaroid brushes.

kalijean for a couple of PSP brush sets (lips)

angels_redagger for a set of Angel wing PSP brushes

coyrFor a Nice Pattern Pack for PSP

dj43 - Creator of a set of really nice swirly brushes and border Brushes

Mark Ryden Artwork - Used With Written Permission

Tyson McAdoo Artwork - Used With Written Permission and Layout Approval

Rion Vernon Artwork - Used With Written Permission

_premadelayouts: a layout community


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